Recruitment and Hiring Services

Recruitment and Hiring offers a variety of services to support Texas A&M's vision of acquiring and developing a diverse talent pool. We follow Federal and State regulations, and strive to implement effective and efficient recruitment and talent management practices that are inclusive, transformative, and forward looking. Our aim is to maintain a collaborative relationship as we assist departments, hiring managers, and job seekers through the continuum of the recruitment and talent management processes.
Hiring Process for Staff

Effective September 1, 2021, Talent Management will be administering a review process to help ensure that a new/vacant position’s function is essential to meet critical demand and supports the mission of Texas A&M.

Recruiting Business Process

This guide is designed to assist Hiring Managers and HR Liaisons with the Workday Business Recruitment Process. Workday follows a preset flow, and it's important to follow the steps below to avoid delays in the hire process. If you have any questions please review our Recruitment Frequently Asked Questions or contact HROE Recruitment, and we will be happy to assist you.

Workday Hire Business Process

Learn more about the Hire Business Process and the information you need to provide to successfully submit a hire in Workday.

Hire a New Employee

Hiring employees is an essential function of hiring managers, supervisors, and recruiting coordinators. Hiring Managers and HR Professionals have the honor and responsibility of selecting the best talent to help the University fulfill its mission.

Learn more about the information you need to hire or transfer new employees, and to add a job to existing employees.

Reference Check

Reference checks are an integral part of a successful recruiting and selection process by allowing recruiters and hiring managers to gain insight into a candidate's previous professional performance as well as assess their potential impact to the organization.

Background Check and Degree Verification

Texas A&M University may perform criminal background checks for internal and external applicants for employment and for all finalists for appointments Also, degree verification are required for any position which requires a degree or for which the candidate has claimed a degree/professional license.

Additional Recruitment and Talent Management Tools

Here you will find information about Using Workday, Dual Employment, Performance Management Process, the Affirmative Action Program, Interview Resources, the Screening Matrix and more.