Background Checks

Criminal Background Check

In accordance with Texas A&M University Rule 33.99.14.M1, Texas A&M University may perform criminal background checks for internal and external applicants for employment and shall perform criminal background checks of all finalists for appointment at Texas A&M. Texas A&M may also perform checks on existing employees as provided by University Rule 33.99.14.M1. Texas A&M University may perform criminal background checks on persons volunteering for any reason for any program, meeting, event or similar activity. 

A criminal background check (CBC) may be requested on an applicant through the Recruiting Business Process in Workday. A CBC for other hires, volunteers or employees can be requested by completing the form at the link below.

Criminal Background Check Request Form

Criminal Background Check Instructions

Bulk Requests:  If you have 20 or more background checks to submit for the same employee type, please add the information to the Background Check Bulk Request spreadsheet and email it to

Degree Verification

The Degree/Licensure Verification Release Form is required for any position which requires a degree or for which the candidate has claimed a degree/professional license (e.g. CPA). It is also required for all internal promotions/transfers, PIN number changes, reclassifications and any exceptions to the approved hiring process.

Once the form is completed and signed by the candidate, please send it to the Onboarding team using the Secure Document Upload.

Students/Faculty/Grad Assistants (coming soon)