Human Resources Analytics

Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness (HROE) has a unit dedicated to providing reports and metrics for various HR-related needs, from federal and state reporting requirements and professional organization benchmarking surveys, to university compliance and continuous improvement.

Texas A&M University entities may contact the Human Resources Data Analytics unit to request employee and other HR-related data. 

Keep in mind the following: 
  • Certain information is protected under privacy laws, e.g. home address if an employee chooses to maintain privacy. 
  • Some reports are quick and easy, some make take more time; provide a timeline if there is a hard due date. 
How to request data:
  • Requests for data from Texas A&M University System entities should be emailed to please email
    • To help us serve you better, please include as much detail regarding your request as possible. Be specific about the population (organizational information, data elements or fields needed, timeframe of data, etc.) and if possible, include the question(s) you are attempting to answer.  We might be able to add additional data that other similar requests found helpful. 
  • Those external to the Texas A&M University System may request data through the open records process. Information on contacts and instructions for requesting information is available on the website for the Office of Open Records. 

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