System-wide Pay Plan Titles

The Texas A&M System-wide Pay Plan is administered by the Pay Plan Administration Committee and the Pay Plan Administrator at the System level. Each pay plan classification has associated with it a job title, title code, salary pay grade, FLSA exemption status, and job family.

Salary pay grades will be divided into three bands, allowing for greater flexibility for determining hire rates at the department level. The Lower Band may be used with Department Head Authorization. The Middle Band will require authorization at the level of VP or Designee. And use of the Upper Band will require authorization by both the VP and the VP of Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness

Career Ladders

Below are links to various career ladders available at Texas A&M University. A career ladder is a series of defined levels within a job family where the nature of work is similar and the levels represent requirements for increased skill, knowledge and responsibility as an employee moves through a career.

Additional Job Descriptions

In Workday, titles are called Job Profiles. Generic job descriptions are available for many job profiles in Workday. To find a generic job description in Workday, use the search box at the top of the Workday screen, type "Job:" and add any keywords to help identify the job profile for which you are searching, e.g. "Job: Program Coordinator I P9". Once you press Enter, all job profiles that match your search criteria will become available, and you can click on each one to view the corresponding generic job description.