Compensation Changes

Changes to an employee's compensation may be given in a variety of ways, such as through the regular merit process, request compensation change, or through a job change that entails changing the employee's title and salary. Below are some situations in which an employee may be given a change in compensation without changing the employee's actual job.

The effective date for the new rate of pay will be on or after the beginning of the pay period in which the employee is paid and the request receives final approval from the appropriate Human Resources unit. No pay increase may be retroactive, in accordance with Article III, Section 53 of the Texas Constitution which prohibits the payment of retroactive increases to State employees.

Note: Processing any ongoing compensation change in Workday will require initiation of the Request Compensation Change business process. Any one-time payment will be processed using the One-Time Payment business process. A job aid for One-Time Payment may be found at Workday Help in your Single Sign On (SSO) menu.

Counter Offers

An increase that may be given to an employee who has been offered employment with a substantial salary increase by entities outside of Texas A&M University. Counter offers should be used only when an employee possesses unique knowledge, skills and abilities that cannot easily be replaced and are approved on a case-by-case basis.

Equity Increases/Other Salary Adjustments

Equity increase reasons for salary adjustments may include external pressure in high demand areas, internal salary compression, gender, or ethnic equity adjustments (if any), and other forces that may be beyond the control of departments. Other salary adjustments increase may occur due to an external pressure in high demand areas and other forces which may be beyond the control of the university departments. In rare cases, other salary adjustments may be proposed for significant expansion of work, supervisory span of control or reorganizations, when a classification/job title change is not otherwise appropriate.

Hiring Salary Adjustments

An increase that may be given within six (6) months after the end of six (6) months service for newly hired, internally promoted, or reclassified employees who have specific skills and experience above the minimum qualifications required for their position.

Job-Related Skill Enhancement Pay

An increase that may be given within six (6) months to recognize and reward staff employees who take the initiative through their own efforts to increase their job worth and significantly enhance their value to their organization by obtaining a degree, certificate, license, or other evidence of completion of a prescribed program.

Merit Salary Increases

An increase that may be granted to an individual in recognition of meritorious job performance.

Temporary Salary Increase

An increase that on occasion, may be given to employees who take on a temporary assignment for positions vital to an organization that must be filled on a temporary basis involving additional workload or responsibility.