Hiring Employees

Information for Hiring Managers:
What to Know and What to Expect When Hiring Employees

All employees (Faculty, Staff, Research Professionals, Temporary and Casual, Graduate Student and Student Workers) must not start working, without first completing a few critical processes required by State and Federal Law. Always communicate your hiring needs to your Department HR Liaison. All hires require the following:

  1. Background Check – HROE is committed to process all background checks within 24 hours of receiving a request. Results can be obtained quickly, but all parties involved in this process, including the employees and student workers, must provide the information as requested.
  2. Degree Verifications – Certain positions require educational degrees. Degree Verifications are processed through a clearinghouse. Results are typically verified in 1 business days.
  3. Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification - The timeline to complete this form is very strict, and failure to abide by regulations can carry penalties that range from $230 - $2,292 per violation.
    1. The Form has two sections that must be completed as follows:
      1. Section 1 – To be completed by the employee NO LATER than the hire date
      2. Section 2 – To be completed by the employer NO LATER than three business days from the hire date. The employer or an authorized representative MUST meet IN PERSON to verify documents. 
    2. Both sections of the form can be completed as soon as an employee accepts an employment offer.
    3. NOTE:  No one, including student workers and graduate assistants, should start working until at least Section 1 of the Form I-9 is completed.
  4. Recruiting, Selection, and Hiring - visit this page for more informaiton


HR Liaisons and HROE need time to process all requests. Please plan and submit your hire needs ahead of time to prevent delays or being out of compliance with Federal Law.