HR Liaison Network

The HR Liaison Network comprises approximately 300 Texas A&M University employees who have been designated by their department head to perform HR functions within the department. As partners of the Human Resources organization, HR Liaisons play an important role — from creating a welcoming environment for new hires to maintaining workplace unity while supporting employees and management.

Human Resources supports the HR Liaison Network by providing foundational and functional area training. Policies, national and state level HR trends, HR news and new programs are discussed at HR Liaison Network meetings and through the HR Liaison Network News weekly emails.  

HR is here to help HR Liaisons resolve and anticipate HR issues, identify HR services to help support their organization’s goals, and be a point of contact as  needed.

NEW - COVID-19 Signage for Offices
HROE has created several signs for HR Liaisons to use in workspaces to ensure that people are well-informed about the University mask policy as well as proper hygiene practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Feel free to post these signs based on your unit’s needs.