Customer Support Hubs

Our HROE Customer Support Hubs provide on-site, front-end support for HR operations at the unit level and serve as readily available resources to assist employees. Hubs are led by a director and staffed with HR generalists and managers.


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Hub 1 - Leadership

Kim Williamson, Director  845 2555



Phone Area Code = 979

Office of the President

Division of Finance

Division of HROE

Faculty Affairs

Innovation Partners

Office for Diversity

Office of Government Relations

Office of Risk, Ethics and Compliance
Environmental Health and Safety 

University Advancement

Stacy Cohn 458-8459 


Olga Martinez  458-2473

Loren Lapoint 458-7011

Taylor Thomas  458-7009

Willow Ruffino 458-2588

Emily Johnston


Facilities, Health, Safety and Security

University Police Department

Allison Hawkins  458-3714

Tracy Polley  458-2794

Sara Stone  458-0514

Roshonda Merchant 862-3188

Technology Services (IT)

Kathy Leath 458-3879 

Heather Rocha 458-2472

Mary Wilson

Elizabeth Soisson

Division of Research


Reneè Weidemann  845-2060

Kay Huff 845-8747

Christina Peery 845-2583

Jessica Beck-Guerrero 458-5790

Vicki Hegemeyer 862-3770

Ava Myers

Transportation Services


Kelley Ervin 847-8893


Noah Nettles 847-8870

Celeste Villarreal 847-8871

Allisson Zavodny 847-8872

Jessica Salazar 847-8873

Hub 2 - Service

Stacy Overby. Director  458-0317



Phone Area Code = 979

Division of Academic & Strategic Collaborations
   Marketing & Communications

Gari Jones 458-6949

Allison Lowde 458 6951

Fred Castro 458-6953 

Paula Mondebello  845-4693

Charity Fick 845-4662

Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

Loretta Foster  458 -995 

Hillary Barth 458-0261 

Chloe Marsh 458-5940 

Darlene Ford  862-4639

Hollis Charanza  845-4209 

Karley Nelson 458-0417

Recreational Sports

Loretta Foster  458 -995 

Christina Richards 862-2311

Sachiyo Carr-Chargualaf 845-7827

Amber Peppers  862-1856

Residence Life

Rudder Theatre Complex

Loretta Foster  458 -995 

Christine Fernandez 458-9746

Joani Groce  845-8901

J.C. Lagman   845-6652 

Texas A&M Athletics

Rena Frank 862-5426

Chandler Johnston 862-5416 

Samantha Wood 845-0009

Rachel Plotts 862-5408

Hub 3 - Integrity

Chantale Deuel, Director  458-6740 
Kimberly Syptak, Assistant Director  458-3998 



Phone Area Code = 979

Bush School of Government and Public Service

Gabe Chmielewski

Jeanne Andreski 845-6930

Luke McCabe  (202) 773-0012

Rachel Smith 458-7315

Mays Business School

Tammy Louther 845-1889

Natalie Garcia 458 -091 

Lizzy Rodriguez 458-6996

Sharlese Hasan  847-8114

Office of the Provost
(non-academic units)

Jovana Guillen 862-3694

Nereida Ramirez 845-6205 

Jessica Weido 862-2395

Krista Simmons 862-2692 

Maegan Puga 458-1333


School of Architecture

School of Performance, Visualization & Fine Arts

Sandra Church 458-7028

Glendis Villasmil 458-7029 

Jordan Adams 862-7943 

Sara Helseth

School of Education & Human Development

Jeanette Phillips 862-1342

Tracy Young 845-2128 

Modesta Molina 845-4790 

Jasmin Alvarado 845-4825 

Teresa Roberts  845-9270

Noeline Gunasekara 845-8228 

Hannah Ness 458-4461 

Hub 4 - Loyalty

Edward Romero, Director  858-6994 
LaTasha Phillips, Assistant Director  858-5022



Phone Area Code = 979

Academy for Advanced Telecommunications & Learning Technology

Cyclotron Institute

Department of Mathematics

Department of Physics and Astronomy
Mitchell Institute

Department of Statistics

Institute for Applied Mathematics and Computational Science

Institute for Scientific Computation

Jamie Bosley 845-3598

Paula Barton 845-1411 

Robert Gunn 458-7902

Michele Walker 458-7903 

Pamela Chmelar 845-9280

Dean, College of Arts & Science

Department of Communications

Department of Economics

Department of Philosophy

Department of Sociology

Global Languages and Cultures (GLAC)

Janet Kosh 862-4247 

Bradley Ponzio 845-7242 

Ali Tackett 

Department of Anthropology

Department of Chemistry

Crystal King 458-1220 

Jacob Burchfield 862-8380 

Teresa Wyatt 845-0134

Julia Owens 845-0413 

Sandra Rincon 862-1569

Department of Biology

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences (PBSI)

Public Policy Research Institute (PPRI)

Brooklynn Smith 845-2554 

Gayla Cronauer 845-4264

Aislyn Meadows 862-3429

Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Department of English

Department of Geography

Department of History

Department of Oceanography

Geochemical and Environment Research Group (GERG) 

Department of Geology & Geophysics

Theresa Morrison 862-1146

Wyatt Buchanan 458-3963 

Jennifer Fritz   862-3160 

University Libraries

Thomas Vasquez  845-4871

Kimberly Wolfe 458-2657

Sonia Gonzalez 458-4074 


Hub 5 - Respect

 Ron Sorensen, Director  (409) 740-4503




Institute of Biosciences and Technology

School of Engineering Medicine

Diana Taylor
 (713) 677-7734 

 Eunice Davidiuk  (713) 677-7733

McAllen Higher Education Center

School of Pharmacy

Texas A&M Health-McAllen

Carmen Rojas (361) 221-0685 

Marina Ramirez

School of Dentistry

Brooke Fletcher

Yaileen Nery

School of Law

Nicole Harris (817) 212-3821 

Texas A&M at Galveston

Tammy Bird

Amanda Shirey (409) 741-4061 

Marion Rhodes (409) 740-4532 

Carolyn Moreno (409) 740-4519 

Texas A&M at Qatar

Nancy Abraham (979) 845-2295

Faith Stringer (974) 4423-0434

Merlisa De Leon (974) 4423-0156

Christopher Huff

Ehsan Nagi

Majid Farooqi

Jijy Abraham

Marium Tahir

Tasneem Hassenally (974) 4423-0206

Muna Al-Kailani

Mohammed Aqil

Hub 6 - Excellence

Tricia Landers, Director  436-9181
Kimberly Johnson
, Assistant Director  436-9182 




Phone Area Code = 979

TAMU Health Central Administration


Jacque Jillson 436-9752

Abby Vandenbrink (512) 299-6943

Laura Fritsch 436-9183 

Ashley Johnston  436-9183 

School of Medicine

Justin Ryan

Mason Veach 436-9712 

Jan Shaw 436-0445

Tyler Johnson 436-9147

Jaime Doan 436-9710 

Dorothy Khan 436-0445

Jennifer Gott

School of Nursing

Jacque Jillson  436-9752

Edward Mora 436-9541 

School of Public Health

Jacque Jillson 436-9752

Michelle Newton 436-9414

Hannah Teague  575-0338 

School of Veterinary Medicine

Deborah Daniel 458-9949 

Cathy Green 862-3955

Sara Galow 862-4023 

Barbara Siems 862-1673 

Diane King (806) 651-7302 

Lessa Crawford 845-9136 

Tempist Holden

Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital


Nikki Ruiz 458-6245

Diana Cottrell 862-1317