Find Your Department HR Liaison

In order to best serve your needs, each department/unit has one or more designated HR Liaisons (representatives) who can assist you with human resources or payroll-related questions. These liaisons serve as the first point of contact before contacting HROE. HR Liaisons can have a variety of security roles in Workday. A brief description of each role is listed below.

  • Absence Partner: time off, adjusting accruals, leave questions
  • HR Contact: create position, hiring, onboarding, job/compensation changes (demotions, promotions, reclassifications, salary adjustments), terminations
  • I-9 Processor: complete and/or amend Form I-9s
  • Recruiting Coordinator: job requisitions (job postings), department recruiting
  • Talent Analyst: performance management (evaluations)
  • Timekeeper: time management functions such as submitting, cancelling, and/or deleting timesheets

Employees: Follow these steps to find the HR Liaison with the corresponding Workday role:

  1. Log in at and select Workday from the SSO menu
  2. Click on your name (upper right corner), then click View Profile
  3. From your profile, select Contact (left menu)
  4. Select Support Roles tab (top banner)

HR Liaisons: Follow these steps to find HR Liaisons who support employees outside of your unit (dual employment):

  1. Log in at and select Workday from the SSO menu
  2. From the search box, search and select the employee's name
  3. Click on their Supervisory Organization (hyperlink)
  4. Select Roles tab to find HR Liaisons

Instruction steps with screen shots

Reset your Single Sign-On password: At click on "I forgot my password" and follow the steps. You must know your Universal Identification Number (UIN).