Required and Recommended Workplace Posters

Federal and State regulations require employment law posters to be prominently displayed in conspicuous locations so as to be accessible to all employees and applicants. One additional poster is required in facilities where law enforcement officers, fire fighters, EMS employees, paramedics, and correctional officers work; several posters are also recommended but not required. The Spanish version is also required for certain posters, as indicated below.

Required Workplace Posters

**Communicable Diseases poster only required in facilities where law enforcement officers, fire fighters, EMS employees, paramedics and correctional officers work.

Recommended Workplace Posters

Examples of Conspicuous Locations

  • Lunch or break room
  • Lobby or reception area
  • Locations where notices to employees are customarily posted
  • Locations where employees congregate

If you have questions about workplace posters, please contact HROE Employee Relations at (979) 862-4027 or

Display Requirements

  • Each poster must be clearly visible.
  • Both the English and Spanish versions of a poster must be displayed if a Spanish version is available from the issuing organization.
  • Posters may not be bound, clipped, stacked or filed together as a set.
  • Departments with multiple offices or separate floors may post additional workplace posters so all employees have access; if not, it is recommended that HR Liaisons annually communicate to employees the location of their department's workplace posters.
  • OSHA posters are not required to be displayed at Texas A&M University.

Recommended COVID-19 Signage for Offices

HROE has created several signs for HR Liaisons to use in workspaces to ensure that people are well-informed about the University policies as well as proper hygiene practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Feel free to post these signs based on your unit's needs.