Update Your Information for Year-End

For year-end, employees should verify the following before the last payroll in December 2020

  • Verify and update, as needed, your Mailing Address in Workday. As employees move throughout the year, updating mailing address can be easily overlooked. If not updated and W-2 paper election is selected, the employee's W-2 will be mailed to the wrong address where an unknown person will have access to the employee's SSN. Review the instructions for Workday employee address entry.
  • Verify and update, as needed, your Social Security Number (SSN) in Workday. If a SSN is not listed or is incorrect on the W-2, the Social Security Administration will not post the employee's earnings to their social security account. It is very important for those with a SSN to have it entered into Workday and verify that it's entered correctly.
  • Verify and update, as needed, your W-2 Printing Election. Review the instructions for Workday to receive your W-2 electronically. We strongly encourage selecting the electronic format which provides the advantages of:
    • Quicker access. Electronic W-2s are available as early as mid-January.
    • Increased security. Mail delivery allows access to your personal sensitive information.
    • Go green! Natural resources are saved by not printing and mailing W-2 forms.
    • There is a cost savings for each form not printed and mailed.