Overpayments and Cancellations

Reasons for overpayment may include and are not limited to:

  • Late termination
  • Late unpaid time off submitted
  • Change of Annual Work Period
  • Change of Compensation
  • Change of FTE %
  • Prior timesheet corrections that cannot be recouped from current pay results
  • Invalid or Incorrect One-Time Payment entered in error by department in Workday


As soon as a department discovers one of their active or terminated employees has been overpaid, they should immediately send an email notification to Payroll.  Send the email to payroll@tamu.edu with the word “OVERPAYMENT” in the subject line.  Provide detailed information regarding the reason why an overpayment has or is expected to occur. Depending on the timing of your notice, Payroll may be able help resolve the situation. 
  • If the notice is received before the payroll deadlines, Payroll may be able to cancel or help get the current results corrected.
  • If the notice is received after the payroll deadlines, but before pay day, we may be able to help get the payment cancelled and any direct deposit reversed. 


Cancellations and/or Corrections

Payroll staff will provide direction on how each individual situation will best be handled, how much the employee needs to repay and/or what forms will be needed. Depending on the situation, HROE staff may also need to be involved in assisting with Workday business process cancellations, corrections and/or rescind actions before corrected payment can be issued to the employee.

Most cases require a combination of: