Instructions for Direct Deposit Enrollment

In order to continue to comply with social distancing and safe COVID-19 protocol for our staff and customers, all printed payroll checks will continue to be mailed directly to the employee. Please notify all of your employees of this change, as it took effect with the 4/24/2020 biweekly pay date. Please also request that all of your employees enroll in direct deposit and verify that they have a valid mailing address in Workday, as this is the address used when mailing their payroll check. (Use the complete address and be sure to include apartment numbers when applicable, as well as the zip code.)

Below are detailed instructions on how to update your payment election to enroll in direct deposit from your home screen within Workday. This is a two-step process to enter your bank information and then connect your bank account to your payment elections. Please follow these steps:

Step 1 (Entering a Bank Account)

  1. Click the Pay worklet after logging into Workday
  2. Under Actions tab, click Payment Elections
  3. Scroll down to the Payment Elections section of the page
  4. Click Change Election or Add for either Payroll or Expense, depending on the change you want to make
  5. In the Payment Elections section, fill out the following information:
    • Country (currency will automatically populate)
    • Payment type (Direct Deposit or Check)
    • Bank Account

Step 2 (Adding Bank Account to Payment Elections)

  1. If you do not currently have a bank account associated with your payment elections (i.e. you are not enrolled in direct deposit), you must add a bank account to the Accounts section of this page to add a direct deposit election
  2. If you need to use multiple bank accounts, be sure all accounts are listed in the Accounts section of the page. To add an account, click Add Account
  3. Click the radio button for Balance
  4. Click OK

Please reference the Job Aid Edit Payment Elections available in Workday Help through your SSO menu.