Official Personnel File Records Reference


Departments may use this as a reference for the multiple records that must be retained as a part of the Official Personnel File (OPF) for individuals in their employ. Recent updates to the records retention schedule have expanded the types of records and extended the time these are kept. For a full listing of records with the respective retention periods, see the System Records Retention Schedule.

The department head or equivalent supervisor is responsible for ensuring an OPF is maintained in a secure place. Requirements for specific employment related records may require these are maintained in separate confidential files with further restricted access. For additional information, refer to Official Personnel File Guidance Document.

Documents to be included in the OPF

Employment Records (relevant to the employment relationship)

  • Education Release Time Program application and approval
  • Alternate Work Location document and approvals
  • Flex Time Agreements
  • Annual Performance Reviews
  • Employee Performance Feedback forms
  • Annual Salary or Appointment letters
  • Official memoranda/correspondence
  • Written reprimands or other formal disciplinary actions
  • Employee rebuttals to evaluations or disciplinary actions
  • Training certificates not listed on TrainTraq
  • Official commendations, awards, and honors
  • Resignation/termination letters
  • Employee Exit Checklist (under review)

Documents Maintained in Separate Employment Files

Documents that contain employee medical information are kept in a separate, confidential file.

  • Leave requests
  • Sick Leave Pool requests and acknowledgments
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) documents
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance (WCI) claims
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodation requests/agreements
  • Drug and alcohol tests/results
  • Pre-hire physicals
  • Email or other correspondence containing employee medical information

Complaints or investigations, or any outside charges either initiated by, naming, or involving an individual employee are kept in a separate, confidential file. Documents will be related to the following actions:

  • Civil Rights Protections and Compliance
  • Complaints and Appeals (grievance records)
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the Texas Workforce Commission Civil
  • Rights Division (TWCCRD)
  • Any documents related to an investigation (e.g. documents from or between System or University offices, witness statements, notes regarding investigations)
  • Wage garnishments

Record Retention for Recruitment Processes for Staff and Temp/Casual Positions

HROE Recruitment retains all documents related to recruitment processes. These documents must be sent to HROE Recruitment using our secure server. These documents include:

For additional information or questions, contact Employee Relations at or (979) 862-4027.