Early Return to Work Process

This material is designed to provide a brief overview of the Early Return to Work Program. All forms may be found here.

  1. When an employee experiences an injury/illness:
    • Follow the procedures specified in System Regulation 31.03.05: Family and Medical Leave (FMLA).
    • For a work-related injury or illness, follow the procedures in System Regulation 24.01.02: Workers' Compensation Insurance Program and reference the WCI information on the Human Resources website.
    • Determine the eligibility requirements for participating in the RTW program.
  2. When the employee provides medical documentation indicating they have been released to work by the treating physician with temporary restrictions, the supervisor/department representative will determine if there is a Temporary Work Assignment (TWA) the employee may perform.
    • If able to identify a TWA, the supervisor/department representative will prepare a Bona Fide Offer of Employment (BOE).
    • If unable to identify a TWA, the supervisor/department representative will give the employee a Notice of inability to Identify a TWA form.
    • Supervisors/department representatives may consider different work locations as a temporary work assignment. An employee who meets the eligibility criteria outlined in section 2 of Texas A&M University Standard Administrative Procedure (SAP) 33.06.01.M0.01: Alternate Work Location may request the opportunity to work at an alternate work location (AWL). Forms and procedures outlined in the AWL SAP will be followed in the event an employee requests an AWL.

    Note: An employee who is eligible for FMLA may elect to refuse the BOE. Please contact Benefit Services at (979) 862-1718 if an employee who is not eligible for FMLA leave refuses a BOE.

Additional Information and Forms