Administrative Leave With Pay

Administrative Leave With Pay is a non-monetary reward given to recognize outstanding performance that consistently exceeds expected or required productivity or exceptional contributions by employees performing special projects of significant importance.

General Provisions

Administrative leave procedures are governed by the Administrative Leave with Pay Guidance Document. General stipulations, among others, state that:

  • Up to 32 hours of administrative leave may be granted to an employee per fiscal year;
  • Administrative leave may be granted only in four or eight-hour increments;
  • Only employees in a leave-eligible position may be awarded Administrative Leave; and
  • Administrative leave should be taken within 12 months of the grant of the award with the provision that the employee is notified (in writing is recommended) of the date in which the awarded hours must be used.

Administrators: Any exception to the 12-month deadline referenced above (less than or more than 12 months) must be approved by the department head and communicated to the employee.

Recordkeeping Requirements

  • Administrative leave requires approval from the appropriate Vice President or designee; supervisors/management should submit a request for administrative leave using the Administrative Leave With Pay Application and Approval Form.
  • Employee may request to use earned administrative leave through normal departmental procedures.
  • Administrative leave may not be converted to any other type of leave, may not be transferred or paid should the employee end his/her employment relationship in the department from which the award was made, and may not be paid to the estate of a deceased employee.