Sending FMLA Information through Email

Notice: Contact HROE Employee Relations at or (979) 862-4027 for questions about FMLA.

Administrators may choose to deliver Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) information, including the FMLA packet, reminder notices, etc., to an employee's email address, provided the employee agrees beforehand to receive information electronically. Using this option will hasten the FMLA paperwork process and will save the expense of using certified mail, which may cost up to $3 for a reminder notice or up to $7 for an FMLA packet.

Below are the proper steps to take to send FMLA information electronically to your employees when they are unavailable for a signature:

  1. Contact the employee (verbal or otherwise) and ask if he or she is agreeable to receiving FMLA information through email now and in the future. Certified mail should be used if the employee cannot be contacted or otherwise does not wish (or is unable) to use email communication.
  2. If the employee agrees to receive FMLA correspondence electronically, the employee should be advised that FMLA information will be mailed shortly. Additionally, the employee should be instructed to:
    • provide the administrator with a valid email address, and
    • send a reply email back to the administrator without delay upon receipt of the information. The 15 calendar day deadline, or other applicable deadlines, will begin upon receipt of the employee's confirmation email.
  3. Print the confirmation of receipt and attach the document to the employee's FMLA paperwork.
  4. If the employee fails to respond to the email FMLA correspondence within the closing of the next business day of the electronic delivery, send the information through certified mail to ensure the employee receives the documents.