Hiring Process for Staff (non-faculty) Positions

The Staff Hiring Authorization Process and Staff Compensation Action Freeze for Texas A&M University, which were enacted through August 31, 2021, have expired. If you have not received a notification of approval for a hiring authorization request submitted prior to September 1, that request has now been approved and you may proceed accordingly. 

Effective September 1, 2021, Talent Management will be administering a review process to help ensure that a new/vacant position’s function is essential to meet critical demand and supports the mission of Texas A&M. To this extent, our recruiting team will review the Workday business process submitted for new/vacant position posting to substantiate that the request from the college or division includes a justification statement which addresses one of the following criteria:

  1. The position is necessary for health, safety, or security reasons, or
  2. The position has a direct impact to revenue or grant funding, or
  3. Not filling the position would create a significant inability to meet student needs without other viable options.

The final approval stage for the Create Job Requisition business process in Workday rests with the Executive Approver to validate that all requests for new staff positions and/or requests to fill a vacancy are essential to the requesting organization’s operations and meet one of the criteria listed above. This process applies to staff (including research) positions; however, faculty, graduate assistants, temp/casual, and student worker positions are exempt from this requirement. Once the Create Job Requisition business process is approved by the Executive Approver, the position will move forward in the recruiting, selection, and hiring process.   


Frequently Asked Questions

Staff positions including research positions (budgeted, full-time or part-time).
Faculty, Graduate Assistants, temp/casual, and student workers are excluded from providing the justification in the hiring process. All other staff positions will be required to submit the justification in the Job Requisition.