Years of Service Award

Since 1991, Texas A&M University has provided the Years of Service Award program. The program currently recognizes employees who reach 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 years of service with The Texas A&M University System during the calendar year (January–December). The program is funded by Texas A&M University and administered by Human Resources on behalf of the Office of the President.

Historically, employees have been recognized for their years of service within Texas A&M University only. As of FY 2016–17, employees are recognized for all of their Texas A&M University System service. This demonstrates the administration's value of our employees' service, whether it's within the flagship university or at any of our sister agencies and institutions across Texas and beyond.

For employees with less than 20 years of service, we encourage departments to recognize these employees with meaningful recognition at their discretion. Optional resources are available below to assist with service recognition and are found below under "What resources are available to assist with the award presentation?"

The total years of service, projected through the current calendar year, may include an employee's current Texas A&M University System service, plus any prior Texas A&M System service. Current employees budgeted for a minimum of 50% time with Texas A&M University and who receive some portion of their salary funded by Texas A&M are eligible for recognition. Employees who are transferred from one funding source to another for budgetary reasons will be eligible if a portion of their funding during the calendar year was from Texas A&M University. For service accumulated from a system member or a state employer, this will count towards an employees' full years of service, if a portion of their salary was funded by Texas A&M.

Each calendar year, the Human Resources (HR) department identifies Texas A&M University employees, who may be eligible for service pin recognition based on years of service with the university and knowledge of past service recipients. After the employees are identified, HR distributes contacts department representatives to assist with verifying years of service for service pin recognition. After the employees are verified as eligible for a service pin, HR distributes the service pins to the representatives through campus mail or pick up at the Human Resources main office located on the first floor of the General Services Complex in suite 1201.

Once service pins are distributed by HR to campus departments, it is the responsibility of each department to present the pin(s) to the employee(s). HR encourages departments to provide this recognition to recipients in a meaningful way. Years of Service Recognition resources such as as a Certificate Template and Card Template and Award Presentation Tips are for departments to use to assist with years of service recognition.

The 10K gold-filled lapel pins feature the aTm logo embellished with precious stones:

  • 20 years: four garnets
  • 25 years: one diamond
  • 30 years: one diamond and one garnet
  • 35 years: one diamond and two garnets
  • 40 years: one diamond and three garnets
  • 45 years: one diamond and four garnets
  • 50 years: two diamonds

The following resources are provided to assist with your award presentation:

Length of service awards can include cash and noncash awards. Please note that gift cards are cash-equivalents and are therefore considered taxable income. If a department chooses to provide an award in addition to the service pin, the following links are provided to assist with this process:

Payroll Services

Texas A&M Rules


If you have any questions or if you need assistance, please contact Human Resources at or (979) 845-7995.