Student Workshops

Human Resources & Organizational Effectiveness at Texas A&M University offers the following  free  workshops for student employees to sharpen their professional skills, in order to support effectiveness, efficiency, and quality customer service in the workplace. All workshops listed below are currently available on-demand in TrainTraq.  

Register for the on-demand versions of these trainings in TrainTraqby clicking the links provided in the descriptions below or by searching the course number for each workshop within TrainTraq. 

Inquiries regarding the process of requesting in-person offerings of these workshops may be directed to 

Available Workshops

Excellent business communication skills can set you apart from other students or recent graduates. Learn tips on how to effectively interact with your boss and co-workers, be professional in a meeting and listen actively.

TrainTraq Course Number: 2114646 
Finding the time to work everything you have to do into 24 hours requires a plan. This workshop covers the nature and value of time management. It provides tips on planning your schedule and explains the problems with procrastination. Students are given tools to determine whether they are true procrastinators and receive tips on overcoming the problem.

TrainTraq Course Number:  2114652 
Have you ever wondered about the sources of anger and the best way resolve conflict with others? In this workshop, you will learn more about anger, what causes it and different ways it surfaces. We will discuss how to best respond to conflict with both coworkers and customers.

TrainTraq Course Number: 2114644 
Customer service is important to every job. This workshop will discuss face-to-face interaction, telephone courtesy and appropriate use of social media/email. Students will also learn the best ways to provide a positive experience for their customer.

TrainTraq Course Number:  2114626 
How can you not only meet the expectations of your employer but exceed them? Learn how professionalism and workplace etiquette will increase your value as an employee. These skills will benefit you now and beyond graduation.

TrainTraq Course Number: 2114628