Jury Duty, Serving as a Witness, and Responding to a Subpoena

Jury Duty

Eligible employees will be granted a paid leave of absence for jury service. An employee on jury service will not be required to account to the System for any fee or compensation received.

General Information

  • Departments may establish internal procedures to require employees to account for time off to report for jury duty. This may include, among other items, providing the initial summons, obtaining a note from the court clerk, or presenting other items to show time served.
  • Employees who receive a notice to report for jury duty should inform their supervisor as soon as possible to allow the department to make necessary adjustments for the anticipated absence.
  • Employees who respond to the summons and are not chosen for jury service in the selection process will be expected to report to work later that day, if feasible and practical. Employees should contact their supervisor regarding their schedule as soon as possible if they are not selected for jury duty.

Serving as a Witness/Responding to a Subpoena

Eligible employees will receive paid time off to serve as a witness, provide testimony, and/or respond to a subpoena as provided through judicial, administrative, or legislative orders. Paid leave to serve as a witness or respond to a subpoena is, in part, governed by System Regulation 31.05.03: Witnesses in Judicial Actions or Legislative Proceedings.

General Information

  • Eligible employees will be granted paid time off to appear in judicial, administrative, or legislative proceedings in his/her private capacity as a fact witness to testify on matters within his/her personal knowledge.
  • Departments may establish internal procedures to require employees to account for time off to respond to a subpoena or testify in legal matters.
  • Employees who are a party to a lawsuit (plaintiff or defendant) must use their own personal time to testify in legal proceedings.

Additional Information