Vacation Accrual and Maximum Carry-Forward

Accrued vacation leave may be carried forward from one fiscal year to the next in accordance with the schedule below. Part-time employees may carry eligible vacation hours over at a proportional amount. For example, an employee in a 50%-effort position with less than two years of state employment will accrue four hours of vacation leave per month and may carry forward a maximum of 90 hours into the next fiscal year.

All hours of vacation leave that may not be carried forward at the end of a fiscal year will be credited to the employee's sick leave balance on the first day of the next fiscal year. Employees are encouraged to monitor their leave balances regularly and discuss vacation time off with their supervisor in advance where possible to avoid vacation hour lapse to sick leave.

To review projected vacation hours balance, log in to Workday and click the Time Off icon.

State Service Time* Monthly Accrual** Maximum Carry-Forward***
Less than 2 years 8 hours 180 hours
2 years but less than 5 years 9 hours 244 hours
5 years but less than 10 years 10 hours 268 hours
10 years but less than 15 years 11 hours 292 hours
15 years but less than 20 years 13 hours 340 hours
20 years but less than 25 years 15 hours 388 hours
25 years but less than 30 years 17 hours 436 hours
30 years but less than 35 years 19 hours 484 hours
35 years or more 21 hours 532 hours

*Total state employment includes employment with the system and any other agency or institution of the state of Texas. See section 2.1 of System Regulation 31.03.01: Vacation for details.

**Hours accrued per month for full-time employment. A part-time employee accrues vacation leave on a proportionate basis.

***Maximum hours carried forward from one fiscal year to the next for a full-time employee. The maximum number of hours that a part-time employee may carry forward from one fiscal year to the next is also on a proportionate basis.