Benefit Information for International Employees

The following information applies to Fall 2021 (Fiscal Year 2022)

International students are required to maintain health insurance per Texas A&M University Student Health Insurance Regulation (26.99.01). The following information addresses benefits enrollment for international graduate student employees newly hired into a benefits-eligible position.

International students are automatically charged a fee for the System Student Health Insurance Plan (SSHIP) in the amount of $1010, for the Fall Semester, which will be billed on their student fee statement for the Fall coverage period of September 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021. Newly-arriving international students are also charged the Mandatory First Time On-Campus fee for coverage period August 1, 2021 through August 31, 2021 in the amount of $252.00.

Fees may be adjusted for those students who enroll in the Graduate Student Plan or submit a waiver request to Academic Health Plans (AHP) due to alternative health insurance coverage that meets TAMU waiver guidelines. For both new and returning international Graduate Student Employees (GSEs), in order for the waiver to go through, the employee must be processed through Workday as soon as possible and the student's Visa Type information must be entered and or updated in Workday as well as unexpired Alien Work Authorization information. For newly-benefit-eligible employees, please follow the recommended options for benefit enrollment.

Preferred Option: The department enters the employee into Workday as quickly as possible and instructs the employee to contact Benefit Services at (979) 862-1718 or The Benefit Services team will manually change the student's Benefit Event from "First of the Month Following 60 Days of Hire" to "Date of Hire" so the benefits will start immediately. Students are responsible for paying the full premium payment amount for the first two (2) calendar months. The University’s reimbursement process, effective with new hires 8/1/2020, for benefits starting prior to SGIP will be applied. On the third month the State Group Insurance Premium (SGIP) is credited to the employee's record allowing the student employee to pay the discounted appropriate rate they have enrolled in.

The employee must call Benefit Services at (979) 862-1718 or email if they want their coverage to begin on their date of hire of September 1st. This is to ensure the student will be included in the International Student premium waiver process. ISS will process the premium waiver automatically (the student does not have to request a waiver if enrolling in the Grad Plan provided coverage is effective no later than 09/01/2021). Employees enrolling in employee-only coverage will have the following:

  • Employee will pay $252.00 through the student fee statement for the August Mandatory First Time On-Campus coverage premiums (August 1–31, 2021).
  • Employee will pay $252.00 plus Basic Life ($4.70) through payroll deduction while waiting for the employer contribution. The medical cost will be reimbursed on the employee’s paycheck, less applicable taxes.
  • Employer State Group Insurance Premium contribution will begin to cover the $252.00 monthly premium of the medical insurance and the cost of the Basic Life insurance $4.70 monthly premium beginning the first of the month after the required 60-day waiting period.

Example: An employee hired September 1st will be eligible for the employer contribution beginning November 1. If the employee is paid monthly and their coverage also started September 1, they will notice a $256.70 deduction ($252 for medical + $4.70 for Basic Life) on their first two paychecks, October 1 and November 1. The December 3rd paycheck will have a deduction of $0.00 ($0 for medical with the employer contribution and $4.70 for Basic Life paid by the employer).

Friendly reminder: If the department has not yet entered the student employee into Workday, or the student employee has not elected benefit coverage in Workday to begin by September 1, 2021 to receive their premium waiver, then the employee will continue to have the Mandatory First Time On-Campus Fee of $252.00 and Fall premium of $1010.00 included on their student fee statement. AHP will refund the student employee for months of double coverage.

Graduate Student Rates

Pay Frequency Employee Only Employee + Spouse Employee + Children Employee + Family
Total Cost Payroll Deduction Total Cost Payroll Deduction Total Cost Payroll Deduction Total Cost Payroll Deduction
Monthly $252.00 $0.00 $504.00 $27.42 $669.00 $235.30 $921.00 $387.20
Bi-Weekly $252.00 $0.00 $504.00 $13.71 $669.00 $117.65 $921.00 $193.60

Based on the table above, the total cost of Employee Only Medical insurance is $252 and the employee's deduction from their pay will be $0.00.

Payment Schedule Expectations

Student employees will pay $1010 through the fee statement for Fall semester coverage through December 31, 2021 for their health insurance on the Academic Student Health Plan.

  • Newly arriving international students will see an additional $252.00 charge for coverage from August 1 through August 31 in addition to the Fall insurance premium rate of $1010 for the Academic Health Plan.
  • The Employer State Group Insurance Premium (SGIP) contribution will NOT begin until the 1st of the month following the required waiting period (60 days). This will cover a portion of the out-of-pocket cost the student employee would have to pay.

Student employees will receive a partial refund of their paid insurance premiums for any dual coverage processed by Academic Health Plans in the form of a check. Refunds will be processed by early Spring semester.

The Benefit Services department will be working closely with all of the Academic departments to ensure that all students who contact us had their benefits processed in a timely manner. Due to the very high volume of requests, we ask that all students please be patient.

Please email for assistance and include name, UIN, best contact number and employing Department. If a student needs to leave a message at (979) 862-1718 instead of email, please be sure to include their Name, UIN, Department and a return contact telephone number so that we can effectively respond to the student.


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