Dependent Verification Requirements

To enroll your family members in Texas A&M University System group insurance plans you must add dependents in Workday and provide dependent verification documents to prove eligibility. Dependent verification helps ensure that Texas A&M only covers people who qualify for coverage so we spend taxpayer dollars responsibly.

Eligible Dependents

Eligible dependents for The Texas A&M University System group insurance plans include:

  • Your current spouse
  • Your common-law marriage partner, as defined by State law
  • Your dependent children up to age 26 (regardless of marital status), including natural children, stepchildren, legally-adopted children, grandchildren in the household, and children of whom you or your spouse are the legal guardian

How to Add Dependents

For instructions on how to add dependents in Workday, please review the user guide Add Coverage to Your New Dependent found in Workday Help on the SSO menu.

Required Verification Documentation

Dependent documentation, based on the dependent relationship, is required before their effective date of coverage:

Legal Marriage Documents (if you are legally married or legally married but physically separated)

  • Your most recent federal tax return (fiscal information can be redacted), or
  • Marriage certificate and proof of joint ownership* less than six months old
    • Must include both the employee's name and the spouse's name
    • If within two years of marriage, then only the marriage certificate is required

Common Law Marriage Documents

  • Texas Declaration of Informal/Common Law Marriage from the county where the marriage was recognized or recorded or your most recent Federal tax return(s) showing that you are married filing jointly or separately
  • Proof of joint ownership* less than six months old

Biological Child Documents

  • Birth certificate of biological child listing the employee as the mother or father, or
  • Documentation on hospital letterhead indicating the birth date of the child or children (if under 6 months old) will be accepted as temporary enrollment, and must be followed by the birth certificate when received

Stepchild Documents

  • Child's birth certificate showing the child's parent is the employee's spouse, and
  • Marriage certificate showing legal marriage between the employee and the child's parent

Adopted Child Documents

The documents will depend on the current stage of the adoption.

  • Initial stage: official court/agency placement papers for a child placed with you for adoption
  • Mid-stage: official court adoption agreement for an adopted child
  • Final stage: birth certificate

Disabled Child Age 26 or Older

A doctor's statement is required regarding the physical or mental condition of the dependent, whether the dependent is able to maintain self-sustaining employment, and whether the condition occurred before the child reached age 26. In order for the disabled child to be enrolled in coverage when they are age 26 or older, the following documentation must be submitted either before the child/grandchild reaches age 26 (if they are currently covered) or when the child begins the enrollment process (if they are currently not covered):

  • For health coverage: BlueCross BlueShield's Dependent Child's Statement of Disability form should be mailed to:
    Sr. Medical Underwriter, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas
    Small Group Medical Underwriting
    P.O. Box 655730
    Dallas, TX 75265-5730
    Attn: Medical Underwriting
  • For optional coverage only: the documentation should be sent to the Employee Benefits Manager who will approve or deny coverage based on the medical information received

Grandchild Documentation

  • Court papers demonstrating legal guardianship, or
  • An official document showing the child's address is the same as the employee's address, such as:
    • Current year school records for grandchildren of school age
    • Valid driver's license for grandchildren of driving age
    • Currently dated federal or state benefit assistance program record based on residence (such as Medicaid)
    • Court record establishing residence
    • Daycare record on the daycare's letterhead
    • The part of the social security card with the home address of the child
    • Doctor's office records for children not of school age

Foster Child Documentation

  • Official court or agency placement papers

Legal Guardianship Documentation

  • Court order establishing guardianship of a child

Managing Conservatorship Documentation

  • Court order establishing managing conservatorship of a child

*Recommendations include Texas auto insurance document, assignment of a durable property power of attorney or healthcare power of attorney, mortgage or bank statement, or property tax bill. (For documents written in a foreign language, please contact Benefit Services to see if an English translation will be required as an attachment.)


Contact HR Benefit Services at or (979) 862-1718.