CHI St. Joseph and Texas A&M Health Network

This new network offers Texas A&M University System employees and retirees significant reductions in health insurance costs through lower-cost voluntary options. This is not an insurance plan, but rather a network of health care providers who provide a 75% reduction in primary care co-pays, a 50% reduction in specialty care co-pays, and a 50% reduction in co-insurance costs at all of CHI St. Joseph Health's locations.

Call the network helpline at (979) 774-2123 for questions including providers, locations and scheduling.

New Health Network Q&A

No. Each time you need to go to the doctor or health care facility, you have a choice of providers, either in or out of the new preferred provider tier. If you decide to keep your current provider (and they are not affiliated with CHI St. Joseph Health), there will be no changes to your current costs and copays.

No. Each time you need service, you may change your choice if you wish.

No. All options are within the A&M Care Plan. You do not have to change plans to take advantage of these reductions.

You will see these network providers clearly differentiated on the BlueCross BlueShield Provider Finder under the Brazos Valley Network.

The CHI St. Joseph and Texas A&M Health Network features a 75 percent reduction in primary care co-pays, a 50 percent reduction in specialty care co-pays and a 50 percent reduction in co-insurance costs at all of CHI St. Joseph Health's locations throughout the Brazos Valley. This translates to employee out-of-pocket costs for physicians and facilities contracted with CHI St. Joseph and Texas A&M of a $5 copay for a primary care physician, a $15 copay for a specialist and a 10% co-insurance for other costs such as a hospitalization. All other coverage will be the same.

The opportunity to partner with the Texas A&M Health Science Center, Texas A&M University and one of the region's local hospitals and physician groups leverages our unique strengths in the community, offers an excellent training environment for health sciences students, and is also an opportunity to provide a new benefit to our employees and retirees.

You will be responsible for the normal A&M Care Plan co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance.

If you live outside of the Brazos Valley and you need or want to come to the Brazos Valley for care, you will get the lower cost for care from the network providers. Even though the new network benefits are available to all employees and retirees in the A&M Care Plan, the emphasis is in Bryan-College Station for a number of reasons. The home campus of the Texas A&M Health Sciences Center is located in Bryan, TX, allowing our students to train within CHI St. Joseph's system, increasing health care access for many in our community. The Brazos Valley is also home to the majority of employees and retirees. Our partnership will lower costs and improve care for these employees and retirees. When we lower the health care costs in the Brazos Valley, all System employees will benefit, as we are self-insured.

Open Enrollment – July 10-31