HR Recognition and Awards

Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness strives to provide outstanding human resources programs, services and expertise to the employees and departments of Texas A&M University. We are honored to be the recipient of several national and state awards; university awards; and HR-specific awards that recognizes our efforts. We are also proud that many of our HR staff are recognized individually for their contributions to the university.

The following is not a complete list of all the recognition and awards HR has received but it represents awards from the past 10 years. Congratulations to all!

HR Department Recognition

HR Staff Recognition

Texas A&M, President's Meritorious Service Award

  • 2017 Michelle Steedly (Supervisor Award)
  • 2016 Ada Green
  • 2015 Sarah Tobola
  • 2015 Laura Dohnalik
  • 2015 Nancy De Leon
  • 2013 Pamela Praesel

Division of Finance and Administration Excellence Award

  • Individual Award
    • 2015 Lesley Mizer, Rebecca Morgan, & Michelle Steedly
  • RESPECT Award
    • 2015 Judy Kurtz
  • Visionary Award
    • 2015 Janelle Ramirez

Division of Finance Keys to Excellence Award

  • Individual Award
    • 2014 Sarah Tobola
    • 2013 Tami Overby and Claudia Pine
    • 2011 Laura Dohnalik and Jim Kuhlmann
    • 2010 Ada Green
  • Team Award
    • 2013 TrainTraq Classroom Registration Team
    • 2012 Council on Respect Team
    • 2011 Leadership Institute Implementation Team
    • 2010 New Employee Welcome (TAMU NEW) Development Team
  • RESPECT Award
    • 2012 Laura Dohnalik

Texas A&M Fish Camp Namesake

  • 2015 Anna Satterfield
  • 2014 Janelle Ramirez
  • 2012 Mary Bailey