Customized Services

We offer the following services to support divisions, colleges/schools, and departments in meeting the unique learning and development needs of their employees. Complete the Request for Customized Services form to engage any of our services.

Content Curation

We select and organize content (e.g., articles, videos, courses, learning paths) from trusted sources (e.g., LinkedIn Learning, Crucial Learning, Ted Talk, etc.) on common learning topics. Content curation is a concierge service provided at no cost.

Facilitation services

Our learning facilitators can deliver standard courses and/or custom learning activities to help employees acquire, retain, and apply knowledge and skills. Facilitation services are provided on a variable-price basis dependent upon the number of sessions delivered by a single facilitator. Additional facilitators may be necessary based on the forecasted number of participants.

Instructional Design services

Our instructional designers can modify standard courses and/or create custom learning activities to support employee learning. Instructional design services are provided on a variable-price basis dependent upon the course duration.

Consulting services

Our consultants can assist divisions, colleges/schools, and departments with resolving their most urgent people and culture problems by providing expertise in organizational diagnosis, organization development, change management, performance improvement, etc. Consulting services are based on fixed-price basis dependent on the scope and scale of engagement. Pricing available by request only.

Pricing for Facilitation and/or Instructional Design services

Level of Customization Description Estimated Price
Standard Delivery of course selected from course catalog. Starting at $155 per session
Modify Tier 1:  Reduce content of standard course to 1-hour or less. Instructional Design services offered at 100% discount.
Tier 2:  Edit standard course content to best meet the desired outcomes. Starting at $822.
Custom Design, development and delivery of fully customized course to meet learning objectives and desired outcomes. Starting at $1,488.