About Us

What We Do

We design and deliver high quality learning experiences for Texas A&M employees.

Guiding Principles

  • We believe that the employee experience is of utmost importance. Therefore, we design and develop employee-centric learning experiences to support career advancement.
  • We value diverse viewpoints and subject matter expertise. Therefore, we collaborate with individuals and groups to offer relevant programs and services that meet the unique needs of the university community.
  • We prioritize quality over quantity. Therefore, we meticulously define projects, programs, and services and allocate resources appropriately to ensure high-quality standards are met.
  • We value evidence-based approaches to adult learning. Therefore, we apply Knowles’ adult learning Theory, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Gagne’s Nine Levels of learning, and incorporate social and collaborative learning, and experiential learning.
  • We recognize the importance of defining success. Therefore, we adhere to the New World Kirkpatrick Model for evaluating career and leadership development programs, and set measures and metrics for delivering excellent customer service.

What We Strive For

To be a strategic partner in creating a learning culture that empowers university employees, teams, and units to learn, develop, and perform to carry out Texas A&M University’s mission, vision, and values.

Who We Are

Leadership Team

Regan Durham Regan Durham

Nancy De Leon Nancy De Leon
Associate Director

JuneVieira June Vieira
Assistant Director

Tami Overby Tami Overby
Assistant Director

J. J. Macias J. J. Macias
Practice Lead

Matt Lockwood Matt Lockwood
Program Director

Sara Laird Sara Laird

Casey McDonald Casey McDonald

Operations Team

Brian Taylor Brian Taylor
Program Manager

Learning Facilitation Team

Joel Trejo Joel Trejo

Deborah Mejia Deborah Mejia

Dani Peralta Dani Peralta

Angie Medina Angie Medina

Johnny Otley Johnny Otley

Instructional Design Team

Patricia Hsieh Pat Hsieh

Lesley Mizer Lesley Mizer

Ryan Ho Ryan Ho

Aimee Nguyen Aimee Nguyen

Brigette Penry Brigette Penry

Treay Shewell Treay Shewell

Jennifer Kenebrew Jennifer Kenebrew

Kelsey Baird Kelsey Baird

Kerrigan Bishop Kerrigan Bishop

Organizational Development (OD) Consultation Team

JohnGonzales John Gonzales

Justin Brown Justin Brown

Stephanie Russell Stephanie Russell

Nathan Andersen Nathan Anderson

Scott Ireland Scott Ireland

People + Engagement Team

JacqueTurner Jacqueline Turner

What We’ve Achieved

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