Alternate Work Location

Notice: What approval is needed for employees to work from an Alternate Work Location (AWL)?

Department heads may approve requests for remote work otherwise known as Alternate Work Location (AWL) in accordance with System Regulation 33.06.01.

  • Each request must be documented in writing and approvals should be maintained at the department level for reporting at a later date.
  • At this time (3-20-2020), we have suspended normal AWL procedures (AWL form not required) and are not requiring HR approval. An email will be considered acceptable documentation. Documentation should contain the following statement:
    To the extent possible, [employee name] agrees to perform all the essential duties in their job descriptions. Other duties may be assigned in an effort to remain flexible. This may involve work that is outside of the employee's primary responsibilities.
  • Department heads should also consider equipment needs and maintenance, employee safety, communication and supervision, and adherence to state and federal laws.
  • Resources for working from alternate locations

The objective of an Alternate Work Location (AWL) for Nonfaculty Employees is to create a flexible and supportive work environment for Texas A&M employees. Approval of an AWL allows the employee to work from a location apart from their primary duty station and is initiated by the employee's request.