CARE Council

The Division of Human Resources & Organizational Effectiveness (HROE) has a C.A.R.E. (Culture, Awareness, Respect, and Equity) Council who functions similar to a diversity council and is charged with enhancing climate by fostering community, implementing inclusive programming, and addressing climate issues in collaboration with the Division’s Leadership Team. The Council’s programming efforts focus on three key goals: Educate, Engage, and Retain.

Council's Charge

Provide welcoming opportunities for participation, learning, and engagement to our staff.

  • Engage staff across all departments of the Division.
  • Create opportunities for dialogue and relationship building.
  • Research practices at peer institutions for similar councils/structures every odd-numbered year, and provide a summary to HR Leadership.
  • Administer HROE staff climate survey as appropriate to identify opportunities to improve accountability, climate and equity, and coordinate educational events for HROE staff.
  • Maintain web page for Council visibility on the Division’s ( website and staff intranet

Council’s Membership

Chair: Mason Veach
Members: Evan Arambula, Sarah Boreen, Jamie Garcia, Pat Hsieh, Ashley Johnston, Oralia Robison, Donna Thomas, Wes Wynn
Education Consultant: Tami Overby
Executive Sponsor: Scott Bauer