Workday 32 is here!

Workday has two major updates per year. Here are the changes and new functionality with the Workday 32 March update:


  • Retro Pay Processing – The following updates consolidate retro pay processing to help you save time:
    • Retro reports updated by replacing the No Retro Processing Prior To (NRPPT) column with a new NRPPT Date (Before Calculation) and a new NRPPT Date (After Calculation) column.
  • New Payroll Register – New payroll register options include the ability to export to Excel and display negative values on your PDFs in black, making register reports easier to use.

Payroll Reports – A column for the employee ID is being added to the following reports:

  • Earning/Deduction Payroll Results for Organization
  • Pay Calculation Results for Organization, Workers and Period


  • Job Requisition Workspace – Managers, Recruiting Partners and Recruiting Coordinators are now able to manage candidates on their job requisitions from one place. Search ‘job requisition workspace’.
  • Viewed Job Applications on Candidate Lists – Applications that you haven’t viewed are now indicated, with bold text and a blue dot, in the Candidate column.
  • Mass Actions on Candidates – Selected candidates can be grouped together when moving forward or declining. These selected candidates will be displayed on individual rows allowing you to move them to different stages, if needed.
  • Duplicate Candidate Merging – You are now able to merge candidate and pre-hire records at any stage of the job application process.
  • Candidate Pipeline on Job Requisitions – Managers, Recruiting Partners and Recruiting Coordinators can now see an overview of candidate activity across all stages on a job requisition and filter by each process.

Safety Incident Tracking

  • Report Safety Incident – Now available on mobile devices.

User Interface

  • Inbox Filters – You now have the option to select a default filter for your Inbox on Workflow Preferences. That filter will be applied to your Inbox every time you sign in.


In addition to Workday’s changes for March, be sure to check our weekly Workday Change and Release Notes to see the improvements we make.