Workday Help

Workday Help


Texas A&M Workday Operations Team

The Division of Human Resources & Organizational Effectiveness has recently formed a Workday Operations Team to support Texas A&M faculty, staff, and student employees with the transition to Workday through training, online resources, and dedicated customer care. The team consists of project leads, subject matter experts (SMEs) from HROE and Payroll Services, technical trainers, communicators, and a small group of departmental HR Liaisons representing a variety of colleges/divisions across Texas A&M University including the Health Science Center. This operations team will position Texas A&M for a successful transition to Workday prior to and after Go Live (December 17, 2017).

The operations team can be reached via email at  Questions will be directed the appropriate member of the team based on the nature of the question.  A dedicated phone line is coming soon.

Workday Warriors = project leads

  • Laura Dohnalik
  • Jim Nachlinger (HSC)
  • Mary Schubert

Workday Mentors = subject matter experts (SMEs)

  • Betty Gibson (Benefit Services)
  • Lee Starnes (Classification & Compensation)
  • Rita Bowden (Recruiting & Workforce Planning)
  • Nancy De Leon (Performance Management)
  • Laura Quirino (Payroll Services)
  • Tricia Landers (HSC)
  • Kim Johnson (HSC)

Workday Coaches = technical trainers

  • Nancy De Leon
  • Mary Bailey
  • Casey McDonald
  • John Gonzales
  • Dorian Campbell

Workday Support = communications

  • Pamela Praesel
  • Kate Perkins

Workday Gurus = departmental HR Liaisons

  • Barbara Bayer (Geosciences)
  • Janie Williams (Athletics)
  • Shauna Ramos (Architecture)
  • Sandra Church (Vet Med Teaching Hospital)
  • Jovana Guillen (Academic Affairs Business Services)
  • Kelley Ervin (Transportation Services)
  • Renee’ Weidemann (VP for Research)
  • Willie Hobbs (HSC)

Other Workday Contacts

Workday Change Champion, Brandy Kosh
Workday Project Coordinators, Laura Dohnalik (staff) and Barbara Bayer (faculty)