Commonly Used Workday Reports for HR Contacts

The following are the most used reports available to the HR Contact security role. HR Contacts can type the report name in the global search bar in Workday to run these reports on demand. To narrow the search results for the report, be sure to carefully select the appropriate prompt filter. For most reports, you will have one of two choices available:

  1. Organizations > My Organizations > Include Subordinate Organizations
    • Select a specific supervisory organization by Manager or the top supervisory organization to review the whole organization
  2. Organizations > Organization by Type > Supervisory
    • Enter the supervisory organization’s Manager name or Department Head name for the whole organization


Commonly Requested Information / Corresponding Workday Report

Current Worker Detail Report

Returns organization, compensation, and position-specific details for workers in the prompted organizations.

View Open Positions Report

View a summary of open positions in an organization. Details include the organization, manager, position or hiring restrictions, earliest hire date, position count, and number of pre-hires.

View All Positions Report

Provides information for position management for supervisory organizations only. User may include open, frozen, and filled positions as well as specify an effective date to include positions available in the future. Closes positions are not available.

Employee All Jobs and Direct Report Manager Report

Returns supervisory organization, superior organization, and manager information of all positions for active workers in prompted organizations. The report returns information about an employee and their direct manager.

Positions and their FTE Report

View workers scheduled weekly hours, FTE percentage, and time type for all the filled positions.

Business Process Events Report – worker staffing details

Lists business process events, returns all details for staffing events on workers.

Length of State Service Report

View length of state service for active employees within an organization.

Termination Details Report

Lists terminated workers in one or more organizations. Enables you to analyze turnover by organization and to view termination data for regulatory reporting. Details include each worker’s hire date, termination date and length of service.

Costing Allocations for Position Restrictions Report

Displays position restriction allocation details for a specified supervisory organization, position restriction, pay group, and/or worker as of an effective date.

Costing Allocations for Worker Position Report

View labor costing override information for workers, distribution percentages (if a worker’s earnings are split between multiple regions or cost centers.

Save Favorite Reports

Run the “Manage Favorites” task and enter reports to be added to the “Favorites” worklet on your dashboard. From your home page when you click the Favorites worklet you will see the reports. View the job aid, Manage Reports in the Favorites Worklet.

Other commonly used reports: