Train the Trainer - Resources


The resources on this page are a comprehensive list of the worksheets, templates, and web resources provided throughout this Train the Trainer site, as well as classroom training provided by the Professional Development (PD) department.

PD Instructor-led Courses

PD provides a range of instructor-led classes to develop and enhance your skills used in the creation and delivery of training. The following classes can be reviewed in our course listing:

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016: (A) Fundamentals

Microsoft Word 2016: (A) Fundamentals


Planning Worksheet

eLearning Authoring Tools

How Long Does it Take to Create Learning?

Estimating ELearning Development Time



Class Observation Worksheet


Training Design Checklist

Texas A&M University Primary Mark and other logos

Texas A&M University Logos for Colleges, Departments, and Divisions

Texas A&M University Logo Guidelines

Texas A&M University Brand Guide colors

Color Scheme Designer


Texas A&M University Brand Guide fonts

Texas A&M University photo repository

Cushing Historic Images Collection

Texas A&M University Brand Guide visual design elements

Texas A&M University Libraries image databases

Texas A&M University Internet Media Services - Fair Use

Texas A&M University Libraries Research Guides - Copyright

Instructional Aids

Adobe accessibility

What is a slide master?

Customize the slide master (video)

What is a slide layout?

Microsoft help page (Insert YouTube videos)

Microphones for eLearning

Audio and Video Tips

Lesson Plan for Instructor-led

Lesson Plan Template

How to Develop a Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Example

Lesson Plan Workbook

Conditions of Learning (Robert Gagne)

Storyboard for Online
Creating the Final Product

Instructor-led training slide show template

Online training slide show template

Handout template



Environmental Distractors

Classroom Training Checklist

Handling Questions

Difficult Behaviors

Train the Trainer – Opening video

Train the Trainer – Objectives video

Train the Trainer – Classroom Guidelines

Train the Trainer – Activity Instructions video

Train the Trainer – Closing video


Publishing Settings for Online SCORM Courses