Train the Trainer

The Professional Development Department has created this site to provide resources for Texas A&M University employees on how to develop and implement training for both online and instructor-led environments. The information and resources on this site have been designed as a “how to” guide organized into specific topics so that you can focus on what you need.

Train the Trainer: Plan, Develop, Execute

This site is organized into three major sections that describe the overall training process: Plan, Develop, and Execute. The Plan phase is when you define your training and determine the method of delivery (instructor-led, online, or both). The Develop phase is when you develop your actual training product, whether instructor-led or online. The Execute phase is how you deliver your training once it has been developed. Although starting in the Plan phase is recommended, this site was designed so that you can select the topics you want to learn about in any order using the Contents pages.

A Train the Trainer Checklist is available for you to download and use as a guide to the contents of this site. If you have any questions about this Train the Trainer information, please contact PD at