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Insert Calendars into Microsoft PowerPoint

Sometimes, you may wish to insert a calendar into your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. While you can always accomplish this from scratch by creating a table, entering calendar text, and applying custom formatting, there may be an easier and faster method available to you.

Start by going to the File tab on the Ribbon at the top of the screen and select New. Next, enter the search term Calendar in the Search for Online Templates field. Choose a calendar you like and then click Create. It may take a few seconds for the template to download. Now, edit the calendar as you wish. If you need to place the calendar into another file, then go ahead and select all of the calendar slides you wish to use (you can use the shortcut Ctrl+A to get all of them). From there, right click one of the slides and select Copy (or you can use Ctrl+C) and then switch to your previous presentation document and paste in the new calendar slides (you can use Ctrl+V).

You can continue to edit and format the calendar as you would any other content in PowerPoint.

For additional help using templates and other features in Microsoft PowerPoint, simply press the F1 key from within the program to access Microsoft Help.