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Set keyboard shortcuts on your Mac 9/20/2017
Access the Periodic Table of elements at 9/13/2017
Using Siri on macOS Sierra 9/6/2017
Compare foods with 8/30/2017
Compressing images in Microsoft Word 2016 8/23/2017
Searching Microsoft Outlook 8/16/2017
Scan documents quickly and easily on your smart phone with iScanner 8/9/2017
Removing notes from Microsoft PowerPoint slides 8/2/2017
Creating a screenshot on PC or Mac 7/26/2017
Pasting Unformatted Text in Microsoft Word 7/19/2017

Set keyboard shortcuts on your Mac

Are there some functions on your Mac that you would like to be able to access using a keyboard shortcut? Setting custom keyboard shortcuts is quick and easy on your Mac desktop machine.

Start by going to your System Preferences and from there select Keyboard and then Application shortcuts. Click the plus sign to begin adding your custom shortcut. You are able to select the application that you wish to assign the shortcut for from a handy drop-down list. At that point, you will need to enter the name of the menu command that you wish to execute into the next box. Make sure that when entering the name of the menu command that you use the exact spelling, case, and special characters (including ellipses) for that menu command. Your last step will be to select a combination of keys (the shortcut) that you wish to assign to that menu command.

Add as many as you would like and then test them all to make sure that they work properly.

For additional help with creating keyboard shortcuts on Mac OS visit and search for Mac keyboard shortcuts.