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The new Files app on iOS 11 4/4/2018
Setting a different default folder for images in Microsoft Word 2016 3/28/2018
Clear recent file history in the Microsoft Windows 10 File Explorer 3/21/2018 3/14/2018 3/7/2018
Learn how to delete an online account with 2/28/2018
Quickly searching through Microsoft Excel 2016 comments 2/21/2018
Protect your email address with 2/14/2018
Recovering unsaved Microsoft Office files 2/7/2018 1/31/2018

The new Files app on iOS 11

The Files app on iOS 11 allows you to find and view all files across all of your Apple devices (like your iPhone, iPod, and iPad). Browse through files stored on the devices, on iCloud and even on third party apps like Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Drive, and more.

To take advantage of these features, make sure that you have updated your devices to the latest iOS (at least version 11) and then set-up iCloud and/or your third party apps on the device as well. Next, open the Files app and tap Locations and then Edit. From there simply slide to turn on the desired third party apps to be able to access the files from those apps, and tap Done.

You can open and delete files, add and manage tags, move and copy files between devices, iCloud, and third party providers, create new folders, share files with friends, and more all within the File app.

For more information visit and search for File app.