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Think back to your work or life experiences and recall a person whom you saw as a leader. What traits did that person possess? What was it about that person that inspired you to reach your goals and be the best that you could be?

Leadership is a skill that must be acquired in order to motivate your employees to work together towards a common vision or goal and inspire them to perform beyond expectations. However, the positional power given to you in your title as Supervisor does not automatically make you a great leader.

With hard work and positive practice, we can all become great leaders. So, how can you expand on your leadership skills? Begin by taking the Leadership Assessment. This assessment focuses on the major competencies that need to be mastered for effective leadership. This assessment will help you focus on those areas you have already mastered and identify possible areas where improvement could be necessary.

After you have completed the Leadership Assessment, print out our Leadership Analysis Tool and see what workshops are offered to help you become the leader you want to be. Online activities and reading resources are also available to help you build upon your leadership skills.

Leadership Assessment

Leadership Analysis Tool

Other Resources

  • Texas A&M University Library
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