HR Policy and Compliance Competency

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As a supervisor, YOU are Texas A&M University.

Supervisors are responsible for conducting ethical and fair practices, which protect Texas A&M University from costly litigation. Supervisors are also responsible for ensuring that their employees have fair and equal access to the benefits available to them by TAMU Texas A&M and State and Federal Law.

Supervisors are accountable for having a working knowledge of the rules, regulations and procedures under which Texas A&M University operates. Failure to follow these not only leaves Texas A&M in a position of accountability; it can also result in personal litigation against the supervisor. However, you do not need to work under a cloud of fear. Texas A&M University provides supervisors with workshops that give them the knowledge and skills that they need to ensure ethical and fair practices. More importantly, these workshops help you to recognize warning signals and the subject matter experts to contact when you have an issue and you are not sure how to proceed.

How well do you know your HR law? Find out by taking the HR Policy and Compliance Assessment. Then print the HR Policy and Compliance Analysis Tool to find workshops that are available to give you a sound working knowledge of HR Policy and Compliance along with resources to support you.

HR Policy and Compliance Assessment

HR Policy and Compliance Analysis Tool

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