The workplace is constantly changing as more generations are working side by side. Some of the Mature/Silent Generation is continuing to work past the traditional retirement age, more Baby Boomers also are delaying retirement, Generation X is becoming a larger portion of the workforce, and Generation Y continues to enter in increasing numbers.

Each generation tends to see the world through a unique lens that developed from the major events that took place during the formative years when the individuals matured from children into adults. The generational lenses influence people’s work preferences and motivational factors, which in turn impact organizational dynamics. The four generations in the workforce today differ in their expectations, assumptions, priorities, and approaches to work and communication, as each generation brings distinct sets of values, attitudes and behaviors to the workplace. Having an understanding of generational characteristics increases our ability to work collaboratively with one another and improves organizational dynamics. This, in turn, reduces workplace conflict, minimizes costly employee turnover, increases productivity, and promotes a positive working environment.

Online Tutorial

  • Generations at Work (describes values and traits that are commonly associated with individuals raised in the United States; offers strategies for motivating, retaining and effectively working with employees in each generation)

Instructor Led Training


  • Generations at Work (companion guide to online tutorial)
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