About Texas A&M University's Leadership Institute

Each year participants in Leadership Institute engage in classroom and experiential learning activities that will increase both their practical and theoretical understanding of organizational leadership in a higher education setting.

When is LI?
The 2017 Leadership Institute (LI) will be held on 10/3, 10/12, 10/19, 10/26, 11/ 2, and 11/9. Leadership Institute will be held at the Phillips Event Center at Briarcrest in Bryan, except for October 12 which will be at TAMU’s Challenge Works.
What is the cost?
The fee for the 2017 Leadership Institute is $650 for Texas A&M University employees; $1,050 for System employees
What topics will be covered?

LI includes such topics as:

  1. Leadership models, theories, and behaviors
  2. Organizational culture: vision, values, and mission
  3. Higher education budget and finance
  4. Cultural competence
  5. Strategic planning
  6. Interpersonal effectiveness
  7. Leading change
  8. Strategic human resources
What are the expectations?

The Professional Development Department is committed to creating an environment that encourages learning and interaction of participants. We do this through the use of a variety of teaching methods, such as speakers, discussion and activities that require active participation and listening as well as quiet reflection. Experiential learning is an integral part of the Leadership Institute and will include a variety of activities. A description of some activities is provided below.

  1. ChallengeWorks – Participants will engage in a day-long outdoor learning process at Texas A&M University's ChallengeWorks course. Both high and low elements will be offered as well as team development activities on the ground, all within an atmosphere that encourages growth while respecting individuals’ abilities and freedom of choice.
  2. Pre-work and homework – Participants will be given and are expected to complete all pre-work and homework activities. These activities will help prepare for the content covered in Leadership Institute and reflect on what has been learned in previous sessions. Reading and writing assignments will be given, and participants will engage in personal reflection and small and large group discussions.
  3. Final project – In order to successfully complete and graduate from Leadership Institute, participants will create and present a final work project that demonstrates understanding and application of the knowledge and skills gained during Leadership Institute.
  4. Program evaluation – Participants will be expected to provide critical feedback each day of the program, at the end of the program, and in the future regarding how participation influenced their leadership practice.

Expectations of Leadership Institute Participants

The following are expected of all Leadership Institute participants and are required for graduation:

  1. Attend and actively participate in all six days of Leadership Institute.
  2. Obtain support of supervisor and dean, vice president or agency director. Failure to obtain support from the appropriate leadership level will jeopardize participant’s application.
  3. Complete all pre-work, homework and final project assignments.
  4. Complete evaluation after each session and upon program completion.
  5. Present final project at the last session on November 9.
What are the criteria for eligibility and selection?

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for Leadership Institute, you must:

  1. Be a budgeted Texas A&M University or Texas A&M University System staff or faculty employee
  2. Have experience in a leadership role with organizational scope or be in line for such a role in the near future
  3. Obtain supervisor’s commitment and approval
  4. Obtain approval of dean, vice president or agency director

Leadership Institute applications will be specifically evaluated based on the following:

  1. Leadership experience (including but not limited to Texas A&M) — length in a leadership position as well as the scope of leadership responsibilities, such as organizational leadership, group or team leadership, and supervision
  2. Content – clearly and thoroughly addresses all of the items listed in the Application Process Instructions
  3. Quality of the applicant’s written statement of interest   
  4. Spelling and grammar – professional appearance (e.g., no typos or sentence fragments, proper word usage, etc.)
  5. The program’s relevance to the applicant’s current and potential future positions, as well as the potential to add value to the applicant’s department, division, and Texas A&M
  6. The applicant’s demonstrated interest and motivation to participate