Group Leadership Forum

 Dates for the 2018 Group Leadership Forum program coming later this fall.


This annual four-day program introduces participants to the complexities of leading project teams and work groups at Texas A&M University. A highly successful team requires a leader who is able to motivate and guide the group’s members toward a common goal. To do this effectively, the leader is challenged to maintain a balance between task and relationship skills. In this program, participants will learn strategies for managing group dynamics and tools for guiding group process.

Support of Vision 2020

The Texas A&M University Vision 2020 document spotlights the need for leadership excellence at all levels within the organization.

  • "Leaders at all levels must understand and be able to negotiate the complexities of university governance, be able to form and achieve plans, be committed to teamwork, and be focused on managerial as well as academic excellence . . .."
  • "leaders . . . in all areas of university operation [will be] willing to take risks, are visionary, are proactive, are flexible, are willing to delegate authority, have a global orientation, and recognize and promote excellence in all activities."

Texas A&M leaders have a great impact on the productivity and morale of the workforce. Leaders provide direction by which broader organizational strategies become focused, coordinated, and implemented. Efforts that increase the effectiveness of A&M leaders will have a broad impact on the productivity, innovation, and work environment of the University.

Forum Curriculum

The curriculum provides leading edge information that has been carefully selected and specifically tailored to meet the needs of a Texas A&M University group leader. The program includes four days of interaction aimed at developing effective organizational environments, managing group dynamics, and dealing successfully with change.

Daily networking luncheons provide a unique opportunity for participants to become a member of a learning community. From working-lunch discussions, participants will have a chance to take away real answers to real world challenges that they face every day in their role as a group leader.

We offer…

  • Engaging Presentations
  • Personal Reflection
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Small Group Interaction
  • Large Group Dialogue
  • Facilitator Responses Tailored to Audience

Who May Participate

This four-day program of instruction is an investment in the managerial career of Texas A&M group leaders.

Nominees should have current responsibilities to lead a project or work group, which may or may not include direct supervision. Additional criteria may be used by senior management to identify the candidates from their departments and colleges. Participants are expected to attend all sessions in order to receive a certificate of completion.


The fee for the 2017 Group Leadership Forum is $550 for Texas A&M University staff and faculty (M02) and $650 for all other employees of the Texas A&M University System.  The fee covers the cost of all materials, supplies and food provided during the program.  Please check back for information regarding 2018 Group Leadership Forum fees.

Nomination Process

Candidates must be nominated by the Provost, a Senior Vice President, a Vice President or other individual in their department who reports directly to the President of the University. Employees interested in attending the Forum should talk with their supervisor and request that their department head recommend them to their Vice President for nomination. The nomination period for the 2017 Group Leadership Forum is now closed.  Please check back for information regarding 2018 Group Leadership Forum.

Nomination Form

Additional Information

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