Initiative Competency

Behavioral Indicators

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Behavioral indicators of Initiative include:

  • Evaluates, selects and acts on various methods and strategies for solving problems and meeting objectives before being asked or required to do so.
  • Exhibits resourcefulness, independent action, and professional judgment that are position appropriate.

For rating definitions and behavioral examples of the Initiative behavioral competency in the Non-Faculty Performance Evaluation, please refer to the Performance Evaluation - Competencies and Ratings Overview.


Training & development

The following are recommended trainings and activities designed to enhance competency-related knowledge, skills and/or abilities.

Instructor Led Training

Online Training

Certificate Program

Developmental Activities

  • Identify opportunities for improvement in your work unit and take it upon yourself to recommend and implement solutions.
  • Talk with others who demonstrate a high level of initiative and ask them how they have learned this skill, what obstacles they have faced along the way, and how they handled with them.
  • Observe someone who constructively handles conflict and ask what strategies and approaches they use to manage conflict.
Coaching suggestions

The following are recommended strategies a supervisor can utilize to support an employee’s competency development.

  • Empower your employee by providing direction toward the assigned SMART performance goal and permit employee to work out the details.
  • Clarify areas where initiative is welcome and those where it is important to get guidance before moving forward.
  • Meet at predetermined milestones to check progress and reward initiative taken.
  • Expect employee to take ownership of his or her work and responsibility for the outcomes; provide feedback as necessary.
  • Reward and praise actions that demonstrate initiative.

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