Diversity & Respect Competency

Behavioral Indicators

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Behavioral indicators of Diversity & Respect include:

  • Welcomes, includes, and demonstrates respect for individuals from all groups, including the various characteristics of persons in our community.

For rating definitions and behavioral examples of the Diversity & Respect behavioral competency in the Non-Faculty Performance Evaluation, please refer to the Performance Evaluation - Competencies and Ratings Overview.



Training & development

The following are recommended trainings and activities designed to enhance competency-related knowledge, skills and/or abilities.

Instructor Led Training

Online Training

Certificate Program

Developmental Activities

  • Participate in workplace diversity committees and activities.
  • Attend presentations, programs, discussions and activities that provide you with new experiences and insights.
  • Participate in campus programs that provide opportunities to interact with those from different backgrounds.
  • Make an effort to interact with co-workers who are different from you and learn about their backgrounds, perspectives, and cultures.
Coaching suggestions

The following are recommended strategies a supervisor can utilize to support an employee’s competency development.

  • Model appropriate behavior by welcoming and seeking diverse perspectives.
  • Encourage employee to volunteer for assignments or responsibilities that will build the employee’s exposure to diversity.
  • Support employee's interest in participating in campus diversity-related presentations, training and programs.
  • Reward and praise behaviors that reflect workplace demonstration of diversity and respect.

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