Competency-Based Programs

Behavioral Competencies for Texas A&M Employees

Texas A&M’s behavioral competencies encompass those qualities that all employees are expected to demonstrate. This site provides information and resources employees can utilize to create a personalized competency development plan.

Business Career Path Development Program

Texas A&M University, like any other large organization, must have effective business processes if it is to achieve its vision and mission. Knowledgeable business professionals with the most up-to-date skills are critically important to the successful day-to-day functioning of the university. As such, a business career path training curriculum was created to provide a systematic program that promotes the professional development of university employees who support business functions in colleges and departments. This site, when fully implemented, will provide comprehensive learning opportunities for all business employees, from their first entry-level assignment through their growth into higher level positions.

Supervisor's Toolbox

Supervision is a complex and rewarding experience. As with any skilled profession, a comprehensive set of tools is necessary to maximize job performance. The Supervisor's Toolbox program was created by the Professional Development Department to equip supervisors and prospective supervisors with the skills, knowledge and tools necessary to effectively supervise employees at Texas A&M University. The curriculum is outlined in two tracks designed to meet the specific needs of all supervisors in their various stages of development– 1) Tools for Establishing Your Supervisory Skills and 2) Tools for Enhancing Your Supervisory Skills.