Professional Development Program (PDP)

The Professional Development Program (PDP) is designed for Texas A&M University staff interested in improving their self-leadership and professional skills. The program helps participants work on different aspects that pertain to their development as professionals. PDP uses a holistic approach in which participants discover and develop their strengths, enhance their communication skills, effectively use their time, create meaningful and measurable goals, gain cultural competence, and become more proactive in the performance management process. Upon the completion of the coursework, participants receive an online review and independent assignment intended to synthesize the concepts learned in the certificate program. 


After completing the Professional Development Program, each participant should be able to display and practice improved self-leadership and professionalism. Specifically, participants will improve their ability to:

  • Use their inherent strengths and natural behaviors to improve performance
  • Use time more effectively
  • Create personal and career goals that provide direction and motivation
  • Communicate effectively with diverse audiences in a wide variety of settings
  • Work cooperatively in and with a culturally diverse workforce
  • Take a proactive approach in the performance management process


Target Audience

The Professional Development Program is for Texas A&M employees interested in improving their effectiveness in the workplace.


All requirements, except for the Capstone, can be taken in any order. Note: requirements may be periodically updated and there may be no course equivalencies.

1Electives: Participants must complete one elective (choose between Presentation Skills or WSSI).

2Career Development Plan: Participants receive this document upon program registration. The completion of the Career Development Plan is a capstone requirement. 

3Capstone: Once all workshops have been completed, participants receive a link to an Online Review in TrainTraq and an Independent Assignment. The capstone is intended to reinforce the knowledge and skills they have learned throughout the program. Average completion time is 2 to 4 hours.

Participants receive an invitation to an upcoming Certificate Program Recognition Reception after they have successfully completed all workshops, the Online Review and the Independent Assignment.

There is an administrative cost of $59 for the entire program. (Additionally, some courses have a small fee for materials and A&M System employees have course registration fees: costs for each class are listed on course schedule page).
How do I complete the Professional Development Program?
Once you have completed the required courses in the Professional Development Program, please save a PDF version of your transcript from TrainTraq and submit it via email to PDinfo@tamu.eduUpon receipt of your transcript and verification that you have completed all required courses, the program coordinator will send you a link to an Online Review in TrainTraq and an Independent Assignment.  When both are successfully completed, you will be eligible to receive your framed certificate at the next Certificate Program Recognition Reception.

Remember, in order to attend the Certificate Program Recognition Reception and be awarded the certificate, you must enroll in the program.

How do I enroll in the Professional Development Program?

Ask your supervisor for approval, obtain your departmental FAMIS account number, enroll in the Certificate Program, and register for the individual courses in the program. Remember, in order to attend the PDP Capstone course and be awarded the certificate, you must enroll in the certificate program.

At this point, we are not currently accepting new registrations for this program. You may add yourself to the waiting list to receive updates via email regarding registration availability.

Additional Information