Analyzing Data Certificate Program

The Analyzing Data Certificate Program is designed to help participants learn to acquire data from various sources, then evaluate and present the data effectively using charts and tables.

The program will help the participants work through the many steps of the data analysis process.  They will learn to efficiently acquire data from various sources such as Access or Excel, structure the data in a well-organized format to provide for effective data analysis, apply tools to validate and clean up the data, and use best practices for charting and reporting to present the data in a manner appropriate for their audience.

Course topics will cover the following software applications: Microsoft Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.


After completing all of the courses within the Analyzing Data Certificate Program, each participant will be able to:

  • Acquire data from Access, Excel, and other sources
  • Clean up downloaded data
  • Store the data in a usable format (structure)
  • Evaluate data
  • Generate charts, graphs, and tables
  • Present the data using PowerPoint
  • Windows or Mac experience
  • Microsoft Excel experience
  • No prior knowledge of Microsoft Access
Target Audience

The Analyzing Data Certificate Program is for Texas A&M University employees who need to analyze and present data in written or electronic format.

All courses, except for the Final Project, can be taken in any order (except those in a specific software track). Note: course requirements may be periodically updated and there may not be an equivalent. Please check with your program coordinator to see if an older class will count towards the requirement for the program

*The Analyzing Data Certificate Program requires a final project intended to reinforce the learning goals and objectives of the program.  In this final project, the participant will perform required tasks with files in Microsoft Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.  Participants will be asked to structure and analyze a data set then create charts and tables for reporting the data.  Submissions will be evaluated according to whether or not the steps were performed correctly, using the skills taught in the program courses.

There is an administrative cost of $59 for the entire program. (Additionally, individual course costs for A&M System employees are listed on the course schedule page).
How do I complete the Analyzing Data Certificate Program?
Once you have completed the required courses in the Analyzing Data Certificate Program, please save a PDF version of your transcript from TrainTraq and submit it via email to Upon receipt of your transcript and verification that you have completed all required courses, the program coordinator will contact you about the Analyzing Data Final Project.
How do I enroll in the Analyzing Data Certificate Program?

Ask your supervisor for approval, obtain your departmental FAMIS account number, enroll in the Certificate Program, and register for the individual courses in the program. Remember, in order to receive the Analyzing Data Final Project and be awarded the certificate, you must enroll in the certificate program.

At this point, we are not currently accepting new registrations for this program. You may add yourself to the waiting list to receive updates via email regarding registration availability.

Additional Information