Performance Management Process


The performance management process for the 2017-2018 performance review period (April 2017 through March 2018) will be done in Workday. Performance goals created earlier this year will continue to be kept offline until after Workday is implemented. Then in early Spring, supervisors will be able to easily enter performance goals directly into Workday. For information on the evaluation competencies and ratings that will be used in Workday, please see Performance Evaluation: Competencies and Ratings Overview.

Your pathway to performance management starts here. The performance management process is intended to create an ongoing dialogue between the supervisor and employee. This process enhances the supervisor/employee relationship by incorporating clear communication and constructive feedback throughout the performance review period. To find out more information, take a look below and start your pathways to success today!

Important Dates for the 2017 – 2018 Performance Review Period

June 15 - Oct 15: Review Position Description –
Supervisor reviews position description in PATH Position Management module and sends to employee for acknowledgement.
June 15 - Oct 15: Create Performance Goals –
Supervisor establishes performance goals and meets to discuss performance and behavioral expectations. (Performance goals kept offline until Workday implementation.)
April 1 - May 31: Supervisor Evaluation –
Supervisor prepares evaluation, meets with employee and submits evaluation; employee acknowledges evaluation; supervisor closes review period in Workday.
2017-2018 Performance Management Roadmap

Explanation of the year-round performance management process – 10 minutes


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 The performance management model (PCER)

The Human Resources department recognizes the PCER (Plan, Coach, Evaluate, and Reward) model for facilitating the performance management process.

For more information, see the PCER Model.

The performance management tool

During the 2017 - 2018 performance review period, we will be transitioning from the current PATH system to Workday. Position descriptions will be reviewed in PATH. Performance goals will be documented and kept offline. The evaluation will be completed in Workday in April/May 2018. Additional information regarding Workday will be posted soon.


For more information regarding the Performance Management Process, see the 2017-2018 Performance Management Roadmap.

Steps to the Performance Management Process

Information, instructions and demos are provided below in the order of the staff annual performance review period.

Beginning of Performance Review Period:

Review a Position Description

The supervisor accesses the Position Management module in PATH (Portal Access for Total HR) to review the Position Description for the employee. If the Position Description does not require any changes, the supervisor initiates the Review Position Description action and sends it to the employee for acknowledgement. If the Position Description requires any changes, the supervisor initiates a Position Description Update. The link below will take you to the HR PATH Help Page for further instructions.

Access PATH performance management module

Create Performance Goals

The supervisor and employee establish performance goals associated with job duties, behavioral competencies, and overall objectives. The supervisor documents the goals and gives a copy to the employee. Performance goals may be documented using the PATHways Performance Goals for 2017-2018 document. (Performance goals will be kept offline until the Workday implementation.) 

Quick Tip: Refer to Guide to SMART Goals


During Performance Review Period:

Document Progress Notes

Both employee and supervisor can keep detailed progress notes offline in their preferred format.

Revise the Performance Goals

The supervisor can make changes to the performance goals during the year based on changing priorities.


End of Performance Review Period:

Create Self Evaluation

The employee can complete a detailed self-evaluation to provide input to the supervisor on job performance. Additional information regarding Workday will be posted soon.

Create Evaluation

The supervisor completes the evaluation for the employee and meets with employee to discuss the evaluation, explain the ratings, and provide feedback about strengths and/or areas for improvement. In April/May 2018, the supervisor will submit the evaluation in Workday to the employee for acknowledgement. Additional information regarding Workday will be posted soon.

Acknowledge the Evaluation

The employee acknowledges the evaluation and is able to add comments. Additional information regarding Workday will be posted soon.

Supervisor Closes the Evaluation

The supervisor closes the evaluation for the performance review period. Additional information regarding Workday will be posted soon.

Available Training

Training on the PCER process of Performance Management:

PATH Demos:

FAQs: Top 5

 How many performance goals are recommended?

The number of performance goals recommended is three to five, although it could be appropriate to have more in order to align with specific tasks and timeframes. 

Who do I contact if I do not see an employee that I supervise on my performance management home page?

You must be listed as the employee's supervisor on his or her position description and/or user account in PATH to be able to view available or completed tasks in the performance management module. Your departmental HR Liaison can assist you with making sure the position description has the correct supervisor listed. Otherwise, please contact HROE Professional Development Department at for assistance.

Will I be able to access historical online evaluations?

Yes, past evaluations can be accessed from within PATH Performance Management. To access evaluations created in TAMU Jobs please contact with your requests.

To access evaluations from previous years in PATH, access the Performance Management home page and do the following:

  1. Click on “My Reviews” or “My Employees’ Reviews.”
  2. Select the corresponding evaluation program from the navigation pane Program drop-down.
  3. Select “Completed” from the navigation pane Open/Closed drop-down.
  4. Click on the “View Review” button for the evaluation.
  5. Click on the “Supervisor Evaluation” link on the navigation pane or “Supervisor Evaluation” icon. This will display the evaluation.

Can I request a report that shows the status of performance plans for my department?

HR Liaisons, Department Head/Director or delegated authority, may request a Performance Plan Status Report by sending the request to This report will show the completion status of performance plans for each employee in their department by ADLOC.

What is the Other User function in PATH?

A supervisor can delegate certain PATH functions by adding an Other User.  The Other User has all the functionality that the supervisor has for the specified employee except entering progress notes (i.e., an Other User is able to Create a Plan, Create a Performance Evaluation, and Close a Performance Evaluation as the supervisor’s delegate for the specified employee). While the Other User can add Progress Notes, the Other User cannot read Progress Notes that were entered by the Supervisor, and vice versa. Detailed step-by-step instructions and video for Other User can be found at

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