Online Training

The courses listed below were developed by the Professional Development Department. To view an online course, simply click on the desired course name. You will be directed to log into TrainTraq using your UIN and SSO password. Once in TrainTraq, you can find other online training by selecting Course Catalog and entering "online" in the Course Type field.

2112254: - Overview - EOD

Test your knowledge of Texas A&M University Brand Architecture ( in this short overview. This course is designed for a broad audience.

2112309: Color Models: CMYK & RGB - EOD

Learn how color models help us communicate color in our documents. The RGB, CMYK, HSB and Grayscale models will all be briefly discussed.

2111264: Effective Hiring Practices

Designed to teach A&M System supervisors how to hire effectively and fairly. Topics covered include preparing/updating the position description, posting the vacancy, developing interview questions, conducting interviews, and notifying candidates. This course replaces TrainTraq course no. 1001, Conducting Effective Interviews.

2112950: Getting to Know Microsoft Office 2016 – EOD

The individual programs in the Microsoft Office 2016 suite share many common tools and functions. This course provides a solid foundation for the basic tools used in all of the Microsoft Office 2016 programs. Upon completing this course, you will be able to manage and customize the user environment; create, save, and manage files and folders; and select and edit text.

2112304: Hiring Supervisors: Strategies for New Employee Success - EOD

The initial experience of new employees critically impacts their success and job satisfaction.  It is, therefore, vital that supervisors have a clear plan for welcoming and transitioning their new hires.  This course provides supervisors with suggestions and resources to help them establish a plan to welcome and quickly integrate new employees into their work unit or department.

2111243: Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion - EOD

Valuing diversity is key to creating a respectful and inclusive environment in which everyone can work to achieve the mission of our university. This course covers basic information about diversity and inclusion at Texas A&M University including: our commitment to diversity; the role we each play in ensuring that Texas A&M University is a community of respect; the benefits of working in a diverse environment; and personal actions toward inclusion.

1003: Managing Employee Performance

This course covers the performance management process, including how to prepare for and conduct annual performance evaluations. The target audience is A&M System supervisors. Performance management is presented as a year-round process consisting of four main activities: Plan, Coach, Evaluate, and Reward. Preparing for and conducting performance evaluations is covered in the section on evaluation.

2112082: PATHways to Success: Performance Management Process Overview - EOD

The performance management process is intended to create an ongoing dialogue between the supervisor and employee. This course describes the performance management process: Plan, Coach, Evaluate and Reward. After taking this course you will be able to: create a meaningful and relevant performance plan; identify coaching techniques to enhance communication; identify strategies that will prepare you for the yearly performance evaluation; and express appreciation through recognition and rewards. This course is designed for a broad audience.

2111254: Professional Presence - EOD

Being professional at work is a key expectation at Texas A&M. Being professional increases cooperation from coworkers and teammates, enhances your personal credibility and helps develop you as a person. The purpose of this class is to explain what it means to be a professional at work and what it takes to maintain a professional image. This course is designed for a broad audience.

2111144: TAMU Organizational Safety - EOD

Texas A&M University is committed to safety. In this course you will learn about the resources available to keep yourself and others safe. This course is designed for a broad audience.

2111241: The Texas A&M University System: A Culture of Service

This course provides an introduction to basic customer service principles and explains the importance of customer service to The Texas A&M University System.

2112548: Tips for Better Email Communication - EOD

This tutorial provides an overview of email best practices, including tips on using program options to build and maintain customer-and workplace relationships, on organizing email messages more effectively, and on professional use of formatting.