About Us

Mission and Vision

What We Do: The Professional Development Department offers a variety of workshops, programs and consulting services designed to enhance the professional growth and effectiveness of Texas A&M University's staff and faculty. We do this by:

  • Providing job relevant and focused learning opportunities that promote employees’ current work performance, professional growth and career development.
  • Delivering organizational development services that enhance department and work team effectiveness.
  • Assisting Texas A&M and System subject matter experts with training design, development, implementation and administration to help minimize risk and ensure compliance.

Our Vision: To be regarded as a premier provider of high quality, relevant employee and organizational development services.

Core Services

Employee Professional Development

  • Develop and provide instructor-led and online training workshops, classes and programs
  • Host the TAMU NEW (New Employee Welcome) program (monthly orientation sessions and new employee website)

Training Compliance, Administration and Support

  • Support subject matter experts and training coordinators with training design, development, implementation and reporting
  • Administer the TrainTraq learning management system
  • Create and implement compliance training through collaboration with subject matter experts

Organizational Development

  • Provide facilitation and consultation to work groups and managers
  • Develop and implement training programs to support organization-wide initiatives

Performance Management

  • Train and support employees on the university’s staff performance management process
  • Administer the Workday performance management system

Project Priorities – Selection Criteria

  • Alignment – Aligns with HROE PD’s mission and development model
  • Scope – Has broad reach within organization
  • Impact – Makes a significant impact
  • Availability – There is limited external availability
  • TAMU-specific – Service and content are unique to Texas A&M

Development Models

  • The Four Domain Competency Model represents the philosophy that underlies our approach to curriculum development and accomplishing our mission: we take a holistic approach to professional development, including what people need to know and be able to do within a university setting.
  • The Employee Development Model guides the organization of our curriculum and how it provides development to university employees.