Reduction In Force (RIF)

Texas A&M University departments may occasionally have situations, including loss of funds, lack of work, reorganization, changes in research needs or technologies, and other situations, that require the need for a reduction in force (RIF) to reduce the number of employees. Any action that results in a modification or loss of employment, reduction in percent of effort, or reduction in salary of non-faculty employees should be taken in accordance with System Regulation 33.99.15: Reduction in Force for Nonfaculty Employees and Standard Administrative Procedure 33.99.15.M0.01: Reduction in Force for Nonfaculty Employees.

System Regulation 33.99.15 and SAP 33.99.15.M0.01 provide basic guidance for conducting a RIF. Section 2.1 of the System Regulation requires the President to determine when a formal RIF is needed and outlines several procedural steps that must be taken prior to the President or designee making a decision to implement a RIF. The Delegation of Authority authorizes the Vice President to approve an implementation plan.

Organizational Consulting & Resolution Management has an important role in working with the department conducting the RIF to ensure these steps are completed. These activities are designed to ensure that the President or designee receives accurate information, that the University's interests are protected, and that affected employees are treated fairly and afforded their legal rights. This procedure provides further details on carrying out the steps contained in the System Regulation in order to effectively reach these goals.

How much notice is given to employees terminated through a Reduction in Force (RIF)?
Texas A&M University typically provides 60 calendar days paid notice to employees who are terminated through a Reduction in Force (RIF) pursuant to System Regulation 33.99.15: Reduction in Force for Nonfaculty Employees. The 60 calendar day notice period begins when the employee is notified of the RIF action and ends when the employee is removed from the payroll. The notified employee is typically not expected to be actively working during the 60 day notice period, and will have their duties changed to "job search" under "other duties as assigned"; however, if identified as a business necessity, the employee may be required to continue their normally assigned duties for all or part of the notice period. In this case the department will work to provide the affected employee reasonable time off to perform job search activities.

Areas considering a RIF should contact Organizational Consulting & Resolution Management before taking action to be sure that all appropriate steps are completed to ensure the affected employees are treated fairly and that the University's interests are protected.


For additional information, checklists, and specific procedures for conducting a fair and impartial RIF, please contact Organizational Consulting & Resolution Management at (979) 862-4027.